Houston, It's Your Money..."I'm Roy Morales and I am running for Houston City Council At Large Position 4.  As your City Council member I will make the following issues my priority:"
  • Grow our Economy:  Limit government control and provide tax relief.   Attract new businesses and industries that will lead to new jobs for our city. Reduce regulations on businesses to allow them to prosper and ensure there is a level playing field for all businesses. Cease the unnecessary government oversight over our businesses. New businesses increase our tax base which in-turn keeps down the tax rate for our residents and current business owners and provides additional tax revenue for our city, schools and colleges.

  • Accelerated Infrastructure Repair:  Accelerate the needed repair/restoration to our aging infrastructure (e.g., roads, bridges, storm drains, sewer lines, etc.) and begin planning and development of the new infrastructure for our new businesses and communities. Our city is about 50 feet above sea level and is vulnerable to flooding due to hurricanes, tropical storms and torrential rains. Our infrastructure must be repaired, restored and upgraded to solve flooding conditions in our great city. Infrastructure repair and growth will also add additional jobs to our economy. 
  • Strengthen Public Safety and Emergency Services:   Protect our families and businesses from escalating crime by using new strategies and policies. Improve response times of police, fire and emergency medical services by using new technology. Better prepare our city from natural disasters and from potential terrorist attacks that are still possible in today's dangerous environment.
  • Provide Better City Services: Improve our day-to-day services like trash pick-up, water, granting building permits, reduce illegal trash dumping etc., by insisting on better leadership in our city departments and using more efficient procedures and cutting edge technology. We must improve our animal shelters. We need to move to a No Kill program to protect our other family members- our beloved pets.
  • Bring A New Vision To Our Communities: We are all Houstonians striving to succeed in our great city. A city is only as strong as its weakest link. If all of our communities and neighborhoods are strong and prospering then Houston becomes one of the top world class cities. I promise to find solutions that will enhance all of our communities and provide a fair playing field for all of our residents and businesses. And most importantly, listen to our communities and neighborhoods.
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